Problems with your hands and feet

Go to the kitchen, open the bottle, pour water – even such a small excerpt from everyday life shows: our feet and hands are involved in almost all of our actions. If we can’t use them as usual, even small and seemingly self-evident procedures quickly become a problem. Let’s therefore give your hands and feet the necessary attention – they deserve it!


You love dancing, hiking, running – but it isn’t possible because your feet hurt, your heel is sore or your Achilles tendon is painful? Then let us have a closer look, sooner rather than later!  We can start solving your pain issues quickly!

Take the next step and make an appointment!


Getting dressed and preparing your breakfast used to be easy, but now your hands hurt and every movement is torture. Are your fingers aching, stiff or don’t function properly? Have you pins and needles in your hands that keep you awake at night?

Then take these signs seriously and make an appointment before things get out of hands.